Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
+ Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
- Body and finishing of salon
   General information and precautionary measures
   Care of components of a body and bottom of the car
   Care of an upholstery and carpets of salon
   Repair of insignificant damages of body panels
   Repair of seriously damaged body panels
   Removal and installation of a front bumper
   Removal and installation of a rear bumper
   Removal, installation and adjustment of a cowl
   Removal and installation of a driving cable of an otpuskaniye of the lock of a cowl
   Removal, installation and adjustment of assembly of the lock of a cowl
   Removal and installation of doors
   Removal and installation of panels of an internal upholstery of doors
   Removal and installation of door handles and components of the lock
   Removal and installation of door glasses and regulators of window regulators
   Removal and installation of a door of a back and its persistent bars
   Removal, installation and adjustment of components of the lock of a door of a back
   Removal and installation of components of the uniform lock
   Removal and installation of components of the electric drive of window regulators
   Removal and installation of external rear-view mirrors and the accompanying components
   Windshield and glass of a door of a back - the general information
   Top hatch
   Removal and installation of elements of body finishing
   Removal and installation of seats
   The mechanism of a natyazhitel of a seat belt of a front seat - the general information
   Removal and installation of components of seat belts
   Removal and installation of elements of finishing of salon
   Removal and installation of the central console
   Removal and installation of the dashboard
   Control body sizes
+ Onboard electric equipment

Repair of seriously damaged body panels

Forward wing (shooters designated locations of fixing bolts)

1 — the Fixing bolt
2 — the Wing

And yes In — Places of putting sealant

Such repair is usually carried out with use of the welding equipment and has to be made in the conditions of a workshop of car service.

In case of extensive damages first of all it is necessary to check whether there was no shift and deformation of the body panels capable to exert impact on controllability of the car, or leading to acceleration of wear any of its working components (for example, tires).

In view of the fact that the majority of body elements (a cowl, wings, etc.) are presented by separate sections, restoration them in case of serious damages is not advisable. More often much more reasonably and more economic it appears to find a suitable replaceable component which can be found not only in shops of automobile spare parts, but also on dismantling or dumps that allows to cut down expenses sometimes considerably.

Replacement of forward wings


Forward wings fasten to a body framework by means of eight bolts of M6x16. Openings under bolts in landing flanges of wings have the oval form, position of panels of rather surrounding body elements allows to regulate hundred. The interfaced surfaces of landing flanges of wings become covered with sealant.



1. Disconnect the electrical wiring going to the index of turn and fog lights (if those are established).
2. Remove a front bumper (see the Section Removal and installation of a front bumper).
3. Give one of two bolts of M6 of fastening of a loop of a cowl which is at the same time used for fastening of a wing.
4. Turn out the remained seven fixing bolts.
5. Hooking the screw-driver, separate the top part of a wing from a body framework. Also separate the lower part of the panel from a forward rack.

Sealant can continue to hold rather strongly the panel after fixture otdavaniye that is connected with risk of damage of the panel in the course of its dismantle. In view of told, removal of a wing should be made only in case of its really serious damage when different way to eliminate defect is not available.



1. Process a wing from the inside anticorrosive structure.
2. Smooth out the interfaced surfaces of landing flanges, having completely removed from them traces of old sealant.
3. Restore the broken factory anticorrosive covering.
4. Grease the interfaced surfaces of landing flanges with a layer of fresh sealant.
5. Install a wing on the car and fix it by bolts, without tightening the last yet it is final.
6. Close a cowl and forward doors then approximately check similarity of gaps between a wing and surrounding body panels. In case of need make the corresponding adjustment. If it is not possible to achieve satisfactory result movement of a wing, try to correct a cowl.
7. Strongly tighten all fixing bolts.
8. Establish into place the index of turn.
9. Restore initial connection of an electrical wiring.