Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
- Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Technology of service, tool and equipment of a workplace
   Operations procedure in extreme situations
   Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply
   Change of wheels
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Identification of leaks
   Checks of readiness of the car for operation
   Automobile chemicals, oils and lubricants
   Diagostika of malfunctions of knots and systems of the car
   Features of traffic regulations of the countries of Europe
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and finishing of salon
+ Onboard electric equipment

Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand

Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand were for the first time presented at the market of Great Britain in May, 1995, and succeeded the retired popular representatives of the Favorit model. Being modern model, Skoda Felicia incorporated many characteristics of the parental Volkswagen group differing in high reliability and enjoying wide popularity around the world.

Among the power units installed on this car the only child of the Skoda company is the petrol engine of 1289 cm 3 with the top arrangement of the valvate mechanism (OHV), Bosch which was earlier used for a complete set at first of the Estelle models, and then Favorit and improved due to use of system of the central injection, or absolutely new multiposition system. The additional advantage of the engines equipped with system of multiposition injection is the advanced system of ignition without use of the distributor. In the present manual, besides the listed last modifications) are considered as well carburetor models of 1.3 l.

In February, 1996 the model of 1.6 l with the OHC engine of production of the Volkswagen company used for a complete set of the VW Polo models was for the first time presented. The valvate mechanism of the engine is equipped with the hydraulic pushers which are not needing adjustment. Supply of fuel is carried out by system of the distributed injection.

In May, 1997 diesel models of 1.9 l with the OHC engine which was also used earlier on the VW Polo cars began to be produced. The engine differs in the modernized system of "chamber" preheat, development of the Volkswagen company.

In July, 1997 insignificant modification of appearance of the car most of which noticeable moment was an installation of the chromeplated front grille which became some kind of business card of new generation of the Felicia family was made.

In Mac-Ferson, rack-mount like a forward suspension bracket, screw springs and telescopic shock-absorbers are used. The main components of a back suspension bracket are longitudinal levers, the torsion bar, screw springs and telescopic shock-absorbers.

Forward wheels of the car are equipped with disk brake mechanisms, back - drum. The hydraulic system of the drive of brakes consists of two independent contours. As an additional complete set can the system of anti-blocking of brakes (ABS) is installed.

Depending on taste and needs of users manufacturers offer the broadest choice entering as standard, and additional complete sets of the knots and systems capable to satisfy any inquiries of consumers. So the car can be equipped with an electropackage, the uniform lock, driver's and passenger safety cushions, the air conditioner, etc.

At the correct leaving with respect for all norms and terms of the schedule of routine maintenance, the Skoda Felicia car will please the owner with high reliability and profitability many and many hundreds of kilometers of a run.

Skoda Felicia 1.6 GLXi Hatchback (Hatchback)

Skoda Felicia 1.3 GLi Estate (Station wagon)