Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
+ Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
- Maintenance instruction
   Dashboard and governing bodies
   The equipment of the control panel and deflectors of air ducts, the choice of the modes of functioning of system of heating/ventilation of salon - model with the air conditioner
   Adjustment of rear-view mirrors
   RKPP control lever
   Equipment of salon
   Seat belts
   Methods of operation
   Towage of the trailer
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and finishing of salon
+ Onboard electric equipment

Equipment of salon

Front seats

From the point of view of safety of driving the correctness of adjustment of a driver's seat providing free and bystry access to all governing bodies of the car, the maximum comfort of a pose of the driver and optimum conditions for the most effective functioning of a seat belt has paramount importance.

It is not necessary to establish front seats excessively close to a steering wheel or the dashboard.
Legs of the driver and the forward passenger have to be in the corresponding foot well, and not on the panel at a hog or a seat pillow at all.

Adjustment of provision of a seat in the longitudinal direction

Having pulled a bracket of the lock of the regulator (1) up, move a seat to required position. After an otpuskaniye of a bracket achieve accurate operation of a clamp in the new chosen provision of a seat.


The driver's seat has to be established so that the driver could manipulate freely pedals, only slightly bending legs.

You do not make adjustment of provision of a seat during the movement of the car at all.

Adjustment of an inclination of a back

The inclination of a back of a front seat is regulated by rotation located from below on the outer side of a back of the handle (2). Regulating a back inclination, do not lean the elbows on it.

The back of a driver's seat has to be inclined so that the driver freely reached the top part of a steering wheel, slightly bent hands.

The excessive inclination of seatbacks leads to decrease in efficiency of functioning of seat belts.

Back seats

The volume of the luggage compartment can be increased due to folding forward or extraction of a back seat of the car.

On models with separate back seats folding of seats can be made in an individual order.

Before putting a back seat, adjust as appropriate the provision of front seats.


Having pulled the clamp lever, release clamps a back (i) of a back seat and slightly incline them forward. Remove head restraints, take locks of seat belts and completely lower a back (i), then overturn assembly of a pillow with a back forward.

At assembly of a seat at first assembly of a pillow with the back laid on it comes back to a starting position. Then cast away a back before operation of a clamp back (check reliability of fixing of a back, having pulled it forward).

Do not forget to push previously in a gap between a pillow and a seatback zone section and locks of seat belts. Track that belts of inertial type were not the clamped seatback clamps.


In case of need the back seat can be completely taken from interior of the car. Cast away a seatback forward, undertake its lower part and overturn so that the possibility of release of assembly of a seat from fastenings of support appeared. Installation is made upside-down.

Track correctness of placement of a seat in basic fastenings and reliability of fixing of a back.

Head restraints of seats


The possibility of adjustment of height of provision of head restraints is provided. The head restraint has to be strictly adjusted an obligatory order to growth of the driver/passenger. Correctly established head restraints in combination with seat belts provide reliable protection of safety of the people who are in the car.

For adjustment of provision of a head restraint undertake it two hands and pull up, or push down, trying to obtain the necessary height of installation. Ideally the upper edge of a head restraint has to be at the level of eyes of the sitting person.


Removal and installation of head restraints is carried out by an otpuskaniye of clamps of their locks. Having wrung out a rychazhok of management of the provision of a clamp, extend a head restraint from the directing nests in a seatback.

At installation of a head restraint track that the clamp lock unambiguously worked (the distinct click has to sound).

Back shelf

On the back shelf of salon covering the luggage compartment it is possible to put only small objects. Do not put on the shelf the objects capable to put injuries to the driver or the passenger at sharp braking of the car at all, or to break integrity of threads of a working element of the heater of back glass.

The back side of the shelf is attached by cords to a back door, and therefore the shelf rises along with a door, providing easy access to the luggage compartment of the car.

For removal of the shelf release loops of cords from clamps on back door inside, then, having pulled a cover, release it from forward clamps of loopy type. Installation is made upside-down.