Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
+ Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
- Maintenance instruction
   Dashboard and governing bodies
   The equipment of the control panel and deflectors of air ducts, the choice of the modes of functioning of system of heating/ventilation of salon - model with the air conditioner
   Adjustment of rear-view mirrors
   RKPP control lever
   Equipment of salon
   Seat belts
   Methods of operation
   Towage of the trailer
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and finishing of salon
+ Onboard electric equipment

Adjustment of rear-view mirrors

Before beginning the movement it is necessary to make sure of correctness of adjustment external and internal rear-view mirrors. The driver has to have the adequate review in all three mirrors.

The possibility of the transfer of an internal rear-view mirror to night situation with the purpose of decrease in brightness of the reflected driving beam of headlights of the following behind vehicles is provided. The translation of a mirror from day situation in night is also back made by means of located from below a rychazhka. Having pulled a rychazhok on itself, the driver transfers a mirror to night situation, having pushed from himself, returns in day.


The provision of external rear-view mirrors is regulated by means of the rotary lever located on the internal triangular panel of finishing of the basis of a mirror. The mirror is adjusted correctly when in it reflection of a part of a board of a body of the car is visible. At the parking of the car in limited space external mirrors can be as necessary pressed to glasses of doors.


On some models external rear-view mirrors are equipped with the electric drive of adjustment of situation. The switch of management of functioning of the electric drive is built in in facing of the internal handle of a driver's door (see an accompanying illustration). The choice of the mirror which is subject to adjustment is carried out by means of buttons L (left) and R (right) (see in the same place). In case of refusal the electric drive adjustment of mirrors can be made manually.

Heating of external rear-view mirrors (if such function is provided) joins along with inclusion of heating of back glass.
Some external rear-view mirrors have a convex surface that allows to increase the sector of the review, however leads to a certain reduction of the reflected objects. For this reason, precisely it becomes difficult to estimate a distance to the following behind the vehicle through such mirrors.

Electric drive of window regulators


Switches of management of functioning of the electric drive of window regulators are located on the central console behind RKPP control lever (see an accompanying illustration). By means of the left keyboard switch lowering and lifting of glass of the left forward door is made. By means of the right switch - glass of the right forward door. The drive of a window regulator operates only at the included ignition, however continues to function within about 10 more minutes after its switching off.

Both glasses open automatically by short-term keeping of a key of the corresponding switch in situation (2) (see an illustration). At a repeated nazhimaniye on a key glass lowering immediately stops.

At an instant nazhimaniye on a key the window is slightly opened approximately on 15 cm.

Closing of glasses is made similarly, however this time keys should be wrung out in situation (1). All other features of functioning of the drive remain.

At connection of the rechargeable battery after its detachment it is necessary to make adjustment of the top provision of glasses. If the window is closed, it is necessary to press the button of the corresponding switch and to hold it in situation (1) within about 3 seconds. If the window is opened, it is necessary to close it short-term pressing of the switch, and then within 3 seconds to hold a key in situation (1).

In the winter lowering and lifting of glasses is made with the increased resistance that is explained by education glass of hoarfrost or an ice crust. Glass at the same time can stop and come back to a starting position. Successfully to close a window in such situation, wring out a key of the corresponding switch in situation (1) and detain her in it (ignition is included). If glass stops again, repeat attempt. The pause between separate push-ups of a key has to make no more than 5 seconds. And during it performance of any other operations is not allowed.

The system is equipped with the safety device preventing a possibility of getting injured at casual pressing by glass of a part of a body. Having encountered resistance to movement, glass stops, and then falls back approximately by 5 cm nevertheless, observe elementary precautionary measures. Remaining in the parked car do not forget that about 10 minutes later after switching off of ignition the possibility of management of the provision of glasses stops.