Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
- Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
   Identification numbers of the car
   Acquisition of spare parts
   Technology of service, tool and equipment of a workplace
   Operations procedure in extreme situations
   Start of the engine from the auxiliary power supply
   Change of wheels
   Poddomkrachivaniye and towage
   Identification of leaks
   Checks of readiness of the car for operation
   Automobile chemicals, oils and lubricants
   Diagostika of malfunctions of knots and systems of the car
   Features of traffic regulations of the countries of Europe
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and finishing of salon
+ Onboard electric equipment

Acquisition of spare parts

An important role at repair work is played by use of the spare parts and quality expendables intended for the concrete vehicle.

In general, spare parts can be subdivided into two big groups:

Spare parts of original production. These spare parts extend through official representative offices of the company manufacturer of cars. They always have original packing and the corresponding marking. At the same time quality of a detail is guaranteed by producers of the car. In company service centers all spare parts for the sold models are available. If any detail is absent, it in short terms is delivered from the central warehouse.

Stereotyped spare parts. Definition "stereotyped" tells nothing about quality of production of a detail. It means only that it is on sale not in company packing of the manufacturing company of the car and extend not through official representative offices. The main frame of this group the producers of spare parts delivering to a detail to assembly lines sometimes at once of several automobile plants make well-known companies. In a type of high power of the production such firms provide also delivery of spare parts for sale in the free market. Such details have packing and marking of the producer of the spare part, are not of a lower quality than original spare parts at much lower cost at all (the difference in the price can reach 50%). However, the range is usually a little more modest in view of the fact that for free sale usually try to release only the most running, the details which are in the greatest demand.

Many wholesale western merchants spare parts use own packing, buying the big range of stereotyped spare parts in large lots directly from producers and selling them under own trademark.

Stereotyped spare parts, as a rule, extend through free shops of spare parts, automobile repair shops and service stations.

Special attention should be paid to quality of the acquired spare parts. Try to avoid purchase of absolutely cheap details (in comparison with original and stereotyped well-known companies) as often they do not meet standards of quality and safety. If installation of a second-grade decorative molding it is capable to affect negatively appearance of the car, then installation of low-quality brake shoes or an oil filter is threat for safety of passengers, or can cause huge damage to the engine. At the same time costs of recovery repair time many times over exceed the sum saved upon purchase of the cheap spare part. Told means that it is necessary to try to use services of official representative offices of the company manufacturer of the car (original parts), or well proved suppliers of stereotyped spare parts.

There is also a possibility of acquisition of the restored details, at the same time the old, failed detail usually is given in exchange for restored. Such approach is most productive when replacing such difficult, expensive components as the engine, the generator, a starter, etc. This service is provided both company service centers of the manufacturing company of the car, and independent suppliers of spare parts and allows to cut down significantly expenses on car repairs. At the same time the firm selling the restored unit gives on it almost same guarantee, as well as on new.