Skoda Felicia

since 1994 release

Repair and operation of the car

Skoda Felicia
+ Cars of the Skoda Felicia brand
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Routine maintenance
+ Repair of the engine
+ Cooling systems, heating
+ Power supply system
+ Engine electric equipment
+ Coupling
+ Transmission
+ Power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body and finishing of salon
- Onboard electric equipment
   General information and precautionary measures
   Search of causes of failures of electric equipment
   Safety locks, the relay and breakers - the general information
   Removal and installation of switches
   Replacement of lamps of external lighting and alarm fixtures
   Replacement of lamps of internal lighting fixtures
   Removal and installation of assemblies of external lighting and alarm fixtures
   Adjustment of the direction of an optical axis of head headlights - the general information and replacement of the mechanism of the regulator
   Removal and installation of an instrument guard
   Removal and installation of a cable of the drive of a speedometer
   Removal and installation of the lighter
   Removal and installation of a horn of a horn
   Removal and installation of levers of screen wipers
   Removal and installation of an electric motor and drafts of the drive of screenwashes
   Removal and installation of an electric motor of the drive of a cleaner of back glass
   Removal and installation of components of washers of wind glass / lenses of head headlights / back glass
   Removal and installation of the autoradio tape recorder
   Removal and installation of loudspeakers
   Removal and installation of the antenna of the radio receiver
   Anticreeping alarm system / system of an immobilization of the engine
   Removal and installation of components of a heating system of front seats
   Safety cushion - the general information, precautionary measures and deactivation of system
   Removal and installation of components of system of safety cushions
   Diagnostics of electronic control systems of the engine and systems of safety
   + Schemes of electric connections

Safety cushion - the general information, precautionary measures and deactivation of system

Driver's and passenger safety cushions are included in a basic equipment of some models. On other models of a pillow can be established as an additional complete set. The central overlay of a kulevy wheel of the models equipped with a driver's safety cushion is marked with the inscription AIRBAG. On the models equipped with a passenger pillow the similar inscription is put on the right half of the dashboard. On some models of the last years of release also side safety cushions of front seats are provided.

The system of safety cushions consists of working blocks (actually a pillow with a gas generator), the control unit (with the built-in sensor of the directed overloads) and the control lamp which is built in an instrument guard. Operation of forward safety cushions happens only at the front blow causing overloads with frontal effort is not lower than the value control unit brought in memory. Filling of safety cushions is made for thousand fractions of a second that guarantees the maximum degree of protection of the driver and forward passenger.

On the models equipped with side safety cushions, operation of the last happens at strong side blows. The minimum value of an overload is also brought in memory of the control unit. Existence of side pillows increases the level of safety of the car even more.

Every time at inclusion of ignition the control unit makes short diagnostics of a condition of components of system. Duration of check makes usually about four seconds and during all this time on an instrument guard the corresponding control lamp burns. Upon completion of a self-diagnostics cycle if no violations in system are revealed, the control lamp has to be disconnected. Otherwise (i.e. if the lamp does not join, or does not die away 4 seconds later), and also at inclusion of a lamp during the movement, in system malfunction takes place and the car follows at the first opportunity to drive away on car repair shop for performing full diagnostics and debugging (before make sure that the control lamp just did not fuse).

If the control lamp later continues to blink 4 seconds within 12 more seconds, there is a shutdown of a side safety cushion of a passenger seat. Reduction of a pillow in the working condition requires the special electronic equipment which can be found only at specialized car repair shops.

It is only possible to start performance of any works on service of components of system of safety cushions not less than one minute later after a detachment of a negative wire from the battery. Upon completion of works before connection of the battery make sure that nobody is in salon, then include ignition through an open driver's door.
Do not allow heating of safety cushions over 100 °C. the pillows removed from the car have to be stored far from heat sources.
Do not allow hit on components of safety cushions of any solvents. Cleaning of open surfaces is allowed only with application by slightly uvlazhenny water rags.
Remember that control units of safety cushions are sensitive to shock loadings. If the block incidentally fell and hit against a firm surface, it should be replaced.
Before application on the car of arc welding without fail disconnect an electrical wiring from the control unit of system of safety cushions.
When using special devices for transportation of children of younger age on a front seat the passenger safety cushion has to be disconnected (ask for the help experts).